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IFM - Experience Essence of India in Wisconsin

A platform, unlike no other, with hundreds of cultural program participants, 10+ hours of non-stop cultural extravaganza (committed to  showcasing and promoting best talents), concerts (instruments, Bollywood beats & music) by internationally renowned artists; various activities, authentic food, music, dance, traditional indian attire, children engagements and much more. An unique and noteworthy ambience brings unparalleled experience for many years to come for you and your loved ones.

IFM2019 Highlights

Celebrity DJ Dharak


Bollywood, fusion, new, contemporary, 90s, music with unique combination of top hits of Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, JLO. 

Classical Indian Instrumental


Santoor - Pt. Nanda Kishore Muley

Sitar - Indrajit Banerjee

Tabla - Gourishankar Karmakar

Wisconsin Indian Singing Idol

Wisconsin Indian Dancing Idol

IFM Got Talent

7th IndiaFest Milwaukee - an official India Day of WI

Experience Essence of India

We do our best to give you an experience of India, like no other. Visually, aesthetically, experientially...right in the back yard of our own city. Smell the spices, listen to music, swing with the beats, savor some delicious mouthwatering Indian cuisine and tingle your taste buds with umpteen dishes to choose from. Learn about a culture through activities and exhibitions. Look around you for some surprises to give you a sense of locality. 

It's not about promotion of one celebrity... 

Experience India like never before!

An event that delivers quality service to the community to network, collaborate, learn and bond; for better today and stronger tomorrow, brought to you by Spindle India, Inc., a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization bridging gap between India & USA.

Yes, we are focusing on volunteering and instilling the attitude of 'service' in individuals with a focus on youth engagement! And young generation also enjoys the work, being the helping hand for the bigger cause of bringing communities together. What are we  all learning? Passion, work ethics, delivery, quality and impact and much more.

A service that consistently delivering quality experience to the community to network, collaborate, learn; for better today and stronger tomorrow!



IFM - Brings communities together, beyond borders, boundaries, language, religion and region. 

Your support, contributions and donations; will enable us meeting our goals and fund our mission. 

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