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We bring communities together, through Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, Collaboration & Education (#DICCE).

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Our Cause is IndiaFest Milwaukee


Bringing communities together beyond borders - IS OUR CAUSE!

IndiaFest Milwaukee (IFM) is bringing communities together beyond borders, boundaries, language, religion and region, since 2013. It is a platform that is: 

  • bringing India's culture, history, heritage and diversity to the fore front in the State of Wisconsin
  • connecting businesses and people 
  • showcasing, promoting and giving visibility to talents (the largest platform in State of Wisconsin)
  • connecting, giving visibility and bringing awareness to businesses
  • "used" as a stepping stone by entrepreneurs to learn; get exposure, experience and confidence of starting a new business

Your support, contributions and donations enable us to bringing this platform to the community, and improve our working condition in order to continue bringing this platform to the community.  

IndiaFest Milwaukee (IFM) is launched by Spindle India, Inc, a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization that is bridging gap between India and USA through Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, Collaboration & Education (#DICCE) causes. 

Your donations will be tax deductible. 

Spindle India, Inc.'s tax ID - 46-3204660.

More at www.spindleindia.org

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