About Spindle India

weaving happiness ... 

Spindle India is an organization that seeks to provide a fun platform to promote Indian cultural awareness through music, dance, various art forms, food and clothing to the people of Milwaukee and surrounding areas – bringing people together through collaboration and fun.

On behalf of Spindle India, we invite you to partner with us for our 1st ever Annual Festival of its kind, on Aug 24th in Milwaukee. The publicity campaign for this event will be extensive. We have a dedicated website for the event information. Our committed volunteers will hand out thousands of flyers at various locations across the Milwaukee Metro area, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Kenosha, and Racine; and also in and around Chicago areas. Additionally, the publicity campaign for the event will include publication Ads, flyer and poster campaigns, email campaign, web publicity, social media and event day publicity through banners, booth, announcements, and souvenirs.


Raaga Entertainment is not owned or operated by Spindle India or IndiaFest Milwaukee. 

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