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A successful launch of "IndiaFest" initiative in Milwaukee in the year of 2013 with ~5,000 people in audience enjoying a full day of program filled with music, dance, traditional colorful costumes, mouthwatering food and collection of jewelries and art works. Vendors showcased their pretty collections, 100s of enthusiastic participants showcased their talents on stage. Top restaurants sold sample of their best authentic food. Several out of state vendors felt right at home. Natural amphitheater, hugh bandshell under a perfectly sunny day ~ we could not ask for more. Kids running around in their cutest Indian costumes ~ an excitement in the air, is totally unforgettable.

Prestigious people from in and around Milwaukee & Chicago, such as, Chief of Air India and Mayor of Milwaukee graced our occasion. First time celebration of India Independence Day, was a big part of the festival. With national anthem, flag hoisting, kids parade, lighting ceremony, welcoming of chief guests, patriotic songs and dance, it definitely resonates the theme. Overall, this festival brought a fine moment of uniting people thru celebration of culture and diversity of India. We feel our mission was accomplished. 

Our sponsors, supporters and donors were huge part of the launch. They have believed in our vision & supported whole heartedly. They were our true angel investors without whom we couldn't have imagined to bring this day together. 

It would have been absolutely impossible without our hardworking volunteers. Overwork, sleepless nights, attention to details, accountability, integrity and collaborations, roll up the sleeves and jump into the actions ~ these were some of the qualities we have seen in our volunteers. Over 30 volunteers, including a volunteer leadership team, worked tirelessly to bring this historic moment & celebration to the people of Wisconsin.

​Launch of IndiaFestMilwaukee is unforgettable. We only look to better ourselves, our services and bring a better day this year.

We will see you again this year!!

Over 40 volunteers, including a volunteer leadership team. worked tirelessly to bring this historic moment to fruition to the people of Wisconsin.

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