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About Us

Who Are We?

At the heart of Milwaukee, IndiaFest Milwaukee (IFM) has been bringing communities together beyond borders, boundaries, language, religion and region, for the past 5 years, successfully and consistently. Celebrating 'India' in a grand fashion in the land of Wisconsin, in August; observing Independence day of India, providing a platform that brings an essence of India to the community, for education, collaboration and cultural immersion - has become the pulse of Wisconsin's summer, a tradition.

Why Do We Do, What We Do?

In this global village, each of us are "tiny", in comparison to the universe. But each of us are significant part of a giant web, that crucially connects us to each other. We believe, small actions can positively influence our world, one step at a time. This...is our way of contributing positively to the growth of community. 'Social impact', 'Giving back' and 'self-less act'  are our top three reasons behind why we do what we do.

How Do We Do, What We Do?

Spindle India, Inc., is a volunteer-run organization. We work hard to bring you this experience. We are 100% committed and dedicated. We learn new skills, hone existing skills, improve our offerings, learn and contribute to the benefit of building a stronger community with economic growth. We are always looking for committed and dedicated volunteer, like you. If you think you are a right fit...talk to us.

Why Is IndiaFest Milwaukee Unique?


We are focused on 'social impact' and 'community giving'. Donations helps our causes and ensures, we can improve on quality delivery.

Observe Independence Day of India Grandly

We observe Independence Day of India, GRANDLY, on the ground of Wisconsin, since 2013

A key platform for DCCE

Diversity, Culture, Collaboration & Education (DCCE) - IndiaFest Milwaukee is a major platform for learning and growth. We promote Diversity and Education.

Consistent Delivery

Prior to IndiaFest Milwaukee, there was no platform or festival which focused on true "India"; beyond borders, boundaries, language, religion or region. We have been going on strong since 2013. Our 6th annual event is coming up on Aug 18th.

Volunteer-Run Service

Yes, we run on volunteers. No, we don't have a lot of resources... or funding. But we are resourceful and extremely committed. 


Thats right. Our purpose is clear. Hence, every action is evaluated and impact is assessed. Accountability, Integrity and Transparency goes hand-in-hand for us.


Purnima Nath Writer Author Speaker Indian American

Purnima Nath

Founder, Chairwoman & President, Spindle India, Inc.

Producer, IndiaFest Milwaukee

In 2013, she founded Spindle India, Inc.,as a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization, with a vision of bridging gap between India & USA. Focused on Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, Collaboration & Education (DICCE), IndiaFest Milwaukee was launched. Since its inception, it has brought thousands of people, businesses, organizations and corporations together, for business and economic growth. Community benefitted tremendously. Many accolades and recognitions were received by Spindle India, Inc., for it's efforts and collaboration.

She is passionate about public service. Her vision, laser focus and hard work laid the foundation of this organization. With 17+ strategy and management experience in diverse industries, she brings in tremendous insights into strategy, alignment and execution. She loves to write and speak. 

To learn more about organization, vision, projects - pen her!